Raised By

August 18, 2016

I was raised by your lessons

learning to take care of your children

getting taught to never leave your family

kind of lesson you taught me

I was raised by

seeing my mom crying and yet

she still loving you

and you leaving her

letting me know to love my family

Kind of dad


Teaching me to not give up

and yet you doing that

letting everyone down

saying you love me

but yet you're walking out the door

leaving me all alone

Saying you love me

while you having another family

telling my mom you love her and

yet leaving to "work" thats what

you will say made us believe that

you were working while you're with

your other family

You say you're sorry but yet

you leave again

making us believe that you regret it

saying you love us but

yet you leave again

teaching me to not trust easily

Kind of lesson you taught me

I'm over here loving you

and you with your other


Kind of dad


I was raised by your absence

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