Living with Parasites

August 21, 2016
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 Gray turns to white
And White to gray
to blue and black and brown and green and to another day

Blue turns to curtains
Black to a tv
Brown to my couch
And green to the trees

I am awake in a wave
Inside exhaustion’s coursing stream
Blue and whites engulf me
And drag me back to sleep


Eyelids flicker open to the nothing that surrounds
I fall
Lungs fail to rise
Can’t breath at all,
I drown

Why can’t I move
Where am I now?
Fighting and screaming inside my mind
But not a drop of sweat on my brow

My eyelids flicker open
To the beating of a drum
I hear a song playing next to me
As my phone begins to hum

A nightmare only a memory
Reality back in sight
I start to think of the day again
But I know I will lose the fight

My therapist says these nightmares are always in the past
Whether they are real or not
thoughts determine how long they last

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