August 20, 2016
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U lock your eyes in mine as I walk past.

I knew I should have stayed away, 

but I let it come.

We would always steal glances to each other.

Was I accidently fallin in love?

My cheeks get warm,

I subconsciously touch my ears.

Was it ok to leave it like this?

I leave when this gets to far.

But I think we already crossed the line.

Butterflies in my heart.

I don't know if I'm ready for this.

I don't know if I should already leave.



But this fire getting to strong. 

The wind is blocking my exit.

I can only continue,

what we started.


My hearts pounding,

i can only focus on the breaths we take.

I should be ready for this.

I knew it was coming.

But I am still scared,

of What's gonna happen next.

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