Fade Away

August 20, 2016
By MusicandMemories GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
MusicandMemories GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
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The truth has faded into black and white

Colors no longer fill up the night

No one to trust, no one who cares

It’s time to take flight into the air

Where no one can judge you

Where no one can see you

You’ll just disappear

Like a balloon that is lost

You’ll be tossed

Within the folds of the wind

Never to be seen again

A new life begins

A game you can win

If you’re brave enough to take the leap

And search down, down, deep

Maybe you’ll find yourself

Among those who’ve never felt

The need- to run away

To get away

From reality

From life

To find yourself

To leave a world

Whose eyes

Never turn to watch the sky

The sunrise

You’ll find happiness someday

With those who dare to say

The truth- that life isn’t fair

It’s not all going well

And then

You suddenly fall

From underneath your own feet

And now you can’t sleep

Cause someone tripped you up

Something made you mess up

Your mind is spinning

You’re hoping, wishing

That things will change

You didn’t trip

You didn’t fall

It was all a nightmare

But it wasn’t.

Life isnt fair

All we’re living is a nightmare

Live the good moments

Don’t be surprised when things start to hurt

One day we’ll all wake up

It won’t hurt anymore

No one will make you fall

And for once, you’ll stand tall

Among those

Who small voices

Said it all

With no one to hear them, they spoke

Into the void

They said what everyone longed to hear

And yet somehow feared

But they were fearless, they were brave

They spoke, and they gave

But no one heard

No one came

No one was listening

For who so small

Could say so much

Who so small

Could ever be right

Who so small

Could withstand a fight

Who so small

Could make a change

Stand tall

Only some people can fit

Through doors

Only the small

Can cross the floors

Only the small

Can go past

Only the small

Will enter,

At last.

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