Sisters or Something Like That

August 18, 2016
By JQuail14 GOLD, Sac City, Iowa
JQuail14 GOLD, Sac City, Iowa
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You do not let people see you hurt,
You hold it all in,
But your eyes tell the stories,
Stories that are untold,
You do not talk about all the hurt,
All things you have overcome,
You don’t talk of the bumps,
Scrapes and scars,
You just move forward,
Looking to a brighter future,
You always say you want people to depend on you,
That you want to feel wanted and needed,
If you only knew all the people,
That are better today,
Who smile brighter than before?
You were the change they needed,
If you could see all the lives you have touched,
All the people who need you,
I know I need you,
One day you were my friend,
In a blink of an eye you became the sister,
I never knew I needed,
Now I cannot imagine life without you,
All the crazy adventures,
The nagging and sometimes fighting,
The annoyed looks you give me,
To the smile that soon comes after,
To the late night talks,
I would give anything to just keep this bond,
Pause life for a moment,
Live in it while were still young,
Not change a thing about it,
Because you are the sister I needed,
The sister that’s like no one else,
Your laugh that makes me laugh,
Your smile that brightens up a room,
You came into my life at the perfect time,
God knew I needed a sister,
So he sent me you.
I know we are growing older,
Some say we will move on,
Some say we will lose this,
I hope the bond we have grown lasts more than a lifetime,
I hope when I am old I can still say,
Remember when we did this?
Because I know this is my life,
But I would not be me,
If I did not have a sister like you.

The author's comments:

This is about one of my friends who became the sister I never had.

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