My Pain

August 18, 2016
By Anonymous

All I want to do is sleep
Than I can't feel pain

I wake up
Knowing I am pratically homeless
Knowing everything around me
Is falling apart

I walk around screaming help
No on hears
They do their own thing

I want what is best
I have a 4 month old
I am a mom
I do my best
Yet I can't rest

When do I get to relax?
I'm always stressed
I'm freaking out

My pain
It's taking over

I'm sinking in a ocean
Full of lost souls
Souls that are lost
Souls that have been forgotten

Please don't forget me
Please don't let me sink
Please help me!
Don't let me drown

My pain
It's hard to ignore
It hurts
Please make it stop
I'm crying

My pain
It's here....

The author's comments:

It's really just how I feel. I'm so stressed out and I honestly don't knwo what to do right now.

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