August 17, 2016
By SonofNas BRONZE, Plainsboro, New Jersey
SonofNas BRONZE, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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Recklessness … the Mischievous Demon of the Soul

The Darkness of the Light
The Yang to the Yin
The Chaos to the Peace
The Insanity to the Sanity
The Wild Blatant Disorder to the Order
It calls to me
It speaks to me
Its Spawns of Temptation creep up from the hidden corners of my pure soul
It taints my blood
It oozes along through my veins
I feel it now
Circling back to the center of my brain
The oozing recklessness reminds me to act on my first intent
To think less
The oozing recklessness seeps out the pores of my skin
It reappears as more than just ooze
It’s a fragrant fuel
The tantalizing smell of the recklessness
Cries for freedom of the impulses
I breathe it now
The fuel ignited by my inhale
Envelops me in a bright flame
The Flame of Desire
And it burns
Oh it burns
And I can’t extinguish these flames of desire with a sense of right and wrong
Because deep down inside I admire the flames
I bathe in them
Comforted from the warmth of impulse
Excited to explore the fiery joy of doing things with no thought
And no care in the world
My eyes light up with a sinister flame
I see it now
In this endeavor, the burning rites of passage
I’ve turned into the fiery, inconsiderate beast, the reckless savage
Haters’ and peoples’ opinions burned, reduced to ashes
From ashes to dust, bring out the dustpans and trashes
Be careful, because if you tempt me with your disrespectful habits
I might burn you down
And in that case you might need a casket
I would offer my apologies, my condolences for the deaths but I’m compromised
By the fiery reckless savage and the reckless savage doesn’t apologize
I’m a fiery storm. A hail of fire through the streets. I’m on a rampage
The flames are so raw and uncontrollable, watch what you say because I might burn into rage
Because I’m reckless
I ride solo, no guest list
I put people in check, check that off the savage’s checklist
I’m reckless
By any means necessary, I pass my tests
For desired success
Shooting anything down in my way, tell people to start wearing bulletproof vests
Because Im reckless
No laws, No rules, A matter of fact whats text
I live by visuals, Whatever I see I get next
Because I’m reckless
Disobedient, inadherent to the ideals of world order
On the contrary, I value world order
Because I take what I want in the world in my own order
Because I’m reckless
Sometimes I’m mean, cocky, belligerent, selective
Your actions are ineffective
Because I only care about my own perspective
Because I’m reckless
Sometimes Furious
My tactics and strategies are so called delirious
I’m Thoughtless
Like to think that my Actions are Flawless
Never Cautious
And if I was that would make me kind of nauseous
I’m reckless
Respect less
Act more, and talk less
Blissfully clueless
I’m a wild boy
Hated more, admired less
Because I’m reckless
Totally reckless
Inappropriately Reckless
Completely, dishonorably reckless
No shame in my game, the best of the reckless
I’m reckless
Joyously Reckless
Happily Reckless
Prideful and Boastfully Reckless

Because sometimes there is nothing wrong with coloring outside the lines
In order to illustrate a good point
Nothing wrong with acting outside the rules for pleasure
Unfavorable, Satisfying Pleasure
But here Fear lingers
Fear of the Dissipating Recklessness
Fear of the inevitable Consequences
Fear of the Punishments and Repercussions etched in Stone
Fear of The End
It’s a risky, dangerous tool recklessness
It can overcome you
It can overpower you
Will it?
Or will the reckless fire of desire be extinguished
Time after time again by the inherited powers of wisdom
If it does take out the flames
I bet I’ll still feel it as I rock in my rocking chair
The drops of recklessness flowing in my system

The author's comments:

It touches on the rebellious attitude of a typical teenager or anyone. The Recklessness

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