Could he see us

August 17, 2016
By avd199004 BRONZE, Nicosia, Other
avd199004 BRONZE, Nicosia, Other
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Could He see us,
when the first man's hand, slipped into another's,
and took what was not his,
then vanished like a shadow once light was cast upon it.

Could He see us,
when the first man's weapon,
seething with heavy rage,
was brought to another's throat,
and let blood drench the path to power.

Could He see us,
when the first man's words,
like snake's poison bit into another's tongue,
another's who's trust was betrayed,
by the own truth he sweetly sang to the heavens.

Could He see us,
when our hearts were burned by darkness,
the ashes swiftly dancing through the ominous clouds,
thunder was rained upon our will,
even the strongest hearts cannot remain dry forever.

Could He see us,
when his word with sinister smile we twisted,
sharpened splintered shattered,
a wish baptized into a ghostly curse,
brought upon with force on one another.


Could He see us,
when the end we brought as an ornamented gift to one another.

The author's comments:

Questioning the existance and power of god has been seen in poetry for a very long time. I wanted to write one but from the prespective of someone who does believe in god, but questions his intentions.

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