The John Wayne

August 17, 2016

My stomach burns
And my chest collapses
And my fingers tremble
with every picture I see.

I don’t think my heart will be able to handle
You telling another chestnut-eyed girl
That you love her through the songs
Written in the notebook I gave to you.

I’ll visit the places we
Used to go to,
With your love letters rolled up,
In between my fingers.

Sitting in my car, I inhale.
I look to the right
And see us dancing in the parking lot
Until time ripped our hands apart.

Walking in the woods, I inhale.
I see our sleeping bag laid out
Under the canopy of trees;
Mimicking the forest in your eyes.

Trespassing on a vacant bridge, I inhale.
I admire the people singing and dancing
On the other side of the river.
I feel your hand rest on my thigh.

Sitting down with friends, I inhale.
I hear your fingertips strum the guitar
As you sing my song so loud you’re crying
Because you know the lyrics you wrote
For her will never tear you apart the way mine did.

I’m growing full of love,
But those songs
Still make me cry, too.

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