Common Fear

August 16, 2016
Paralyzed and shocked
Deep down inside
And we just keep it blocked
But a little of us has just died
Slowly and slowly we fade away
Piece by piece over time
Praying and praying that we could stay
Fearing that awful, dreaded chime
We dont show this fear
For we act strong
But yet inside we shed a tear
Over that dark, and evil song
Over and over every week
We feel like we may disappear
But dont worry, we're not weak
This is all just common fear
Another thousand were just lost
But we dont seem to care
And for that, we pay a cost
For that can only be fair
Our time just ticks and tocks
Never stopping, there is no doubt
Around us, everywhere, there are those clocks
Making this fear of time running out.
We are the only users of time
With this we must agree
And we just created our deadly paradigm
From this, we now yearn to be free...

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