The Clock

August 16, 2016
By Nyctophilia_33 BRONZE, Dayton, Nevada
Nyctophilia_33 BRONZE, Dayton, Nevada
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The clock is ticking,
You’re running out of time.
Can you finish this sentence,
With a beautiful rhyme.

Death as loud as silence,
And screams fill the air,
It’s not what you intended,
But life isn’t always fair.

Now shhh…
Tick, Tock.
That’s the sound of your clock,
It’s counting down the hours that you have left.

Will you scream?
Will you cry?
Will you bleed, and will you try?
Try to outrun the hands of time.

But you can’t,
For your fate has been decided.
You can’t run from death
There’s no way to fight it.

So run all you want,
and scream til your lungs die out.
But no one can help,
When your time runs out.

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