More Than One Hole

August 16, 2016
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Today death is in my backyard
Hovering over the ground
With its icy fingers.
There will be no sun today.

My pillow cries for my head
My covers cry for my body
My eyes cry for tears.
There will be no happiness today.

Knives pierce my feet as I stand
The air is stale and hard to breathe
The carpet is matted and damp.
There will be no comfort today.

The cookies on the counter of the kitchen are hard
They were made when he was still alive
Just yesterday.
There will be no rest today.

Outside the air is crisp
It pricks at my face pushing me back inside
I resist because this has to happen.
There will be no relief today.

Muddy ground is hard to dig in
So I help plow away the dirt
We’ll be filling it soon.
There will never again be a wasted day.

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