August 15, 2016
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Some people say love doesn’t exist. For a while, I myself believed it too. I got my heart broken so bad that I thought it could never be fixed. I put up with so much just for one person and in the end, they let me down. I thought that love was just an idea with no actual truth. But then I looked back and I realized why it hurt so much. Because it was love. People give up because they’ve fallen and think that there is no such thing as love. But in fact, love is the reason it hurt so much. If love wasn’t there, we wouldn’t feel broke. If love wasn’t there, how could we tell that it mattered. If love wasn’t there, we would just shake it off and move on. But love exists to tell us that we care and that there is someone out there for every single person. Love is a thing that seems so wonderful. But love isn’t all that it is talked up to be. Love involves getting hurt and some suffer. Love involves getting mad at the one we care for. We argue because we love them. We fight because we care. Love is something we as people will never fully understand. Because love is mysterious and gets out of hand.

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