August 14, 2016
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I remember, our first encounter,
I remember, I say it louder,
the day my eyes were open
to your composure, your stature,
your ways, I begged for forgiveness,
 I remember your beaming rays
that washed over me, your pure insight that helped guide me,
and your inner beauty
that never lied to me,
I remember, when I let you down,
 I remember, the sound of your tears
as I cut you down
and shattered your world
and hurled you into that
I know that it hurt,
and I know that it killed,
I know that it pained the world
 to see another flower die,
I know it pained the girl
to see her tower lie,
I remember when times were simpler when you never had a temper,
your love was unkindled,
your essence was undisputed,
your language was fluent
and your thoughts were congruent,
I remember that day,
I remember your last day,
the day when the sun held its breath,

the day that you came back to me as if you never had left

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