To my old best friend's new best friend

August 13, 2016
By Anonymous

I don’t hate you.
I don’t have any anger towards you,
But I used to have a lot.
I used to cringe when your name was spoken, I used to cry every time I saw you come up on his instagram. I used to want to make you feel the pain that I felt.
Used to…
I don’t feel that way anymore.
But I need you to promise me this:
Please promise me you’ll bring him coffee ice cream when he is sad.
That if he ever wants to make you watch Bo Burnham do it because it makes him laugh.
Make him watch horror movies no matter how scared he says he is because he secretly loves them. 
Promise me that you’ll buy him socks and funko pops.
And when he asks to walk around the mall know that he actually means he wants to go to Newbury Comics and spend hours in there.
Promise me that you’ll buy him as much mountain dew as he wants.
That you’ll understand his obsession with Disney and be a kid with him.
That you will watch Les Miserables with him even if you hate it.
Know that Breaking Bad will always be his favorite show, but he will make you watch Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.
Promise me that when he tells you what he wants to be when he is older you’ll support him and you won’t laugh.
That you won’t make him go to the beach because he hates it.
You’ll understand why he doesn’t like people over his house.
Promise me that you’ll be there for him during production week of shows because even though he is stressed and mean he still loves you.
You’ll write him letters, a lot.
Know that when he is upset he will want to be alone for a while, but when he needs you he won’t ask for it.
That you’ll understand that Friday nights are family night and he can’t go out.
And that if there is a Pats game on the only place he is going is his couch.
Know that he is majorly afraid of tornados and that will never change.
Know that Playstations and Xboxes are NOT the same thing.
Promise me you’ll understand his love for Marvel.
That you’ll know his favorite villain is the Joker, which goes against his Marvel love.
And that his favorite superhero is Captain America.
Promise me that you’ll stand up for him when he’s too shy to do it himself.
And that you’ll get the truth out of him even when he is afraid to say it.
That you will be his best friend.
I want you to promise me that you’ll memorize him as much as I have.

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