The Little Camel

August 13, 2016
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The little camel stood by himself
He stayed roped to the peg
His master was inside the far building
Bartering with the merchant inside
The little camel lapped up the water
That the merchant had to provide

His master came out with all the merchant could provide
The little camel kept his thoughts to himself
He could feel the water
From before, had put a peg
In his thirst inside
He began to walk away from the building

They had walked for miles, building
All the stamina the journey could provide
The little camel felt a fire inside
He only wanted to better himself
This feeling inside he could not peg
But he no longer wanted for water

The little camel kept his pace towards the water
That filled the oasis his master was building
His master hammered in each tent peg
He had gladly accepted each peg the merchant could provide
The little camel, once again, sat by himself
As his master finally climbed inside

As the young man sat inside
His eyes wandered to where his stead rested by the water
The night was just lovely and he had never cared for covered stars himself
He climbed outside of the canvas building
This beast was one who’d given everything he could provide
The little camel gave his all to the boy with the peg

The tent stayed secure at every peg
A bit of company the man could provide
The little camel was not by himself
The two slept by the water
Outside of the canvas building
As the beast and the boy felt warm inside

When morning came and each peg was gone and the water,
Could no longer provide, the canvas building
Disappeared. The camel himself, was content inside.

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