What I Want From You

August 13, 2016
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I want to sit on a roof with you.
I want to be able to tell you that I don't want to jump off, 
Because with you there, I don't need to.
I want to sit in a big jacket and loose boxers
With my legs tucked in, 
And I want to lay back and stare at the stars,
And stay silent until I'm sure of what to say. 
I want to say, "I love you."
I want to say that and make sure you know I mean it. 
I want you to trace the scars on my arms and tell me,
"I love you too," or
"I love you more," or
"I love you to the moon and back," 
But do not tell me,
"I know."
Do not ruin the moment with sour words
And cryptic messages. 
I want to sit on a roof with you and talk about life,
And talk about the backstories we haven't shared. 
I want the silences in between to be stories on their own.
I want the quiet to settle into my skin,
And the words you speak to form to my ears, 
Never to be forgotten.
Maybe we'll be drinking alcohol,
Or just green tea,
Or just indulging in each other. 
I want to hang out with you,
But in the way only those who are close do,
I want to hold hands with you,
I want to tangle our legs together when the inside of my hoodie
Is way too hot. 
I want to kiss your cheek and say something random
And I want you to laugh at it so I don't regret it.
I want you to be mine. 
Maybe that means we're dating, 
Close friends,
I want you to be here, and I want you to promise
You won't harm yourself,
And I want you to promise not to leave me. 
What I want from you is simple--
I want you here with me on this roof.

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