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Melting Sunsets This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

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racing through the lilac lake,
sunset streaming through my tears
(or was it just the water?)
puddles forming beneath my feet
I am part of a fantastic infinity
And I will never leave
My hair whipping in the summer wind
Sharp but nearly unnoticed upon my skin
Heat which doesn’t matter anymore
(do you want to drive?)
(Just drive)
Flying down the unwritten water paths,
Holding hands with the gas pedal,
Fuel pumping in my veins
and fear deep enough below the surface
that I almost don’t feel it
(Go a little faster)
I am positively ecstatic,
Flying towards the melting sunset,
I can taste the air
Upon my tongue,
(Isn’t this great?)
My hair just as yellow as the sky
We’re running to,
Turning fast back home,
To the dock and the crackling fire
The trees dancing in the wind,
Waves that I’ve created crashing
Upon me,
I can’t believe I’m here
is my favorite moment of today.

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