Misery and Time

August 12, 2016
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It is said in time,?

That beauty to the beholder is a sensation.?

The most powerful statement of forgiveness to a human being is the ability to behold and practice creation.

?Ice figurines can’t hold under heat,

?Yet their demise creates life sustaining substances

,?Like dangerous chemical concoctions,?

Company never really felt completely perfect.?We kept masks on when we gathered,

?It seemed like my friends could have always made it to Hollywood,

?The way our lives were just mere performances.?Highlights of high times,?

Quality, picture perfect film reels burned into cyberspace,?

But the ladled space between our fingertips became foreign as the next new emotional overhaul was just fingertips away.?

Obsessed over why perfection isn’t an issue yet imperfections are celebrated,?

Yet not the ones you have.?

What is desire if the object sought is someone else?

?Elsewhere, the first half of the year is spent trying to remake the second half, pretty in pink,

?Only when it didn’t rain.

?So soulless, our bond became,

?The hollowed Ravens became vultures,?

Clearing the pathways to prepare for a feast,

?Not caring whether death would actually take us,?

But what would be broken would cause the death of our own ways,?

Our own souls terrified,?

Shocked to the security of a coffin.

?Do we merely search for what is rightfully ours?


For we are dream catchers,?

Simply grasping for a reality that would be a shame to the creator,

?Formed by the realtors,?

Sell your self worth for a secular sense of selfishness,?

Steal the dream,

?And be complacent.?

The worst part wasn’t when I lost you,

?It was what became of my dreams when I lost myself too.

?My first half is done.

?I wish no longer to live the second half in misery.

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