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Riverside Dreams This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Dusk whispers sleep across the water,

Slowing the currents of my heart

And defining each beat of my spirit

As time immobilizes in the shadows.

The sky is alight with twinkling fireflies

And the moon smiles in a wide crescent,

Its white teeth shining in mysterious joy

As it conducts an orchestra of crickets.

A cool breeze plays across my skin,

Leaving a trail of goosebumps

Before tangling its fingers through my hair,

And all the while the river gigles quietly

While sweeping away the troubles of the day.

Shadows leap across the surface of the water

And leave their rippling footprints,

Painting the world a shade darker

As the sun relinquishes its last light.

Thickened floral scents waft through the stillness,

Intoxicating my senses and weighing upon my eyes

Until, to the sound reeds quietly rustling,

I awake from my dream.

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