Bye Jack

August 12, 2016
By k.v.d_13 BRONZE, Toronto, Other
k.v.d_13 BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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In my memories of you,
Upon the series of endless tides
The sea surrenders itself, 
So I may hear your limited number of breaths.

The waves knew that you left,
And silence their perpetual moans,
drowned by your presence.
Eager to immerse themselves in all of your humanly being.

The air evaporated from the scene.
As we became lost upon waves,
Blue skies and crystal clear waters
That floated underneath us too fast.

I hope you knew what those times meant to me.
Although it is by nature that it grows harder to communicate the more I urge to.

To say what you feel is an art and an evil
That is consumed by the human mind
And turned into a silenced cry for help.

As the wind unsparingly crashes into my picturesque vision,
Scraping the back of my neck like nails on chalkboards,
I truly wonder if a place can be the same
After you are gone.

We do not own this earth,
Yet it is our greatest possession.
They say time is a man-made concept
So why musn’t it ever seem to be on our side?

I remember now car rides squished in the back of rental cars.
How drinks tasted better on warm August evenings.
I remember the smell of damp sand in mornings.
And the feelings of exhausted and desperate happiness past 12 am.

I can recall conversations I could hardly account myself as part of
And I remember nagging you to play childish games.
I remember spontaneous decisions to fuel adventure and excitement, 
And I recall quite clearly your laugh.

If I concentrate enough I can hear it in my head,
But with every repeat of forced happiness
Illusion takes place of reality
Until I have altered your unique being for my own needs.

All of the Feelings I associate with you
Have become tied in a knot
Wrenched in the pit of my stomach

And I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight,
Because of how soundly you’ll sleep.
Tossing and turning through tears
To balance out how you’re now at peace.

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