Hero of the Story

August 10, 2016
By ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
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We both stick out in the halls for flaming hair in
the "anime protagonist cliché".
In our own ways we'd both like to think ourselves the
hero of the story. We're so different at the core and we
couldn't possibly get along, so
sorry, sugar, there can only be one.

You're so pretentious as to pretend you know
everything and would insert yourself
as the hero of any tale
I'm quick to call myself a villain and
I'm pompous, not pretentious,
I never argue because when I bother
to argue I'm always right.

We are both the sun
I am hot and bright in a bit of wordplay,
attractive and intelligent
I like to burn people and no one can
get too close
You are hot as in too hot-headed
You are bright as in I have to squint
when I see you from that extreme extraversion
You are too bright and annoying and in
my face and should stay 93 million miles
away from me.

You think yourself a nice guy and go on with your
irritating, mundane, too-dull life
where you talk and laugh amongst idiots as
the biggest idiot of all
I am aware that I am an a**hole and I do not care and
if you want a different me you'll have to get through an
impossible maze. Don't talk to me.
Maybe I'm a fake, too, but
at least I'm self-aware.

But people notice you, maybe even like you
(though frankly, honey, I wonder how you've got them fooled
or maybe they've just got a bad case of bad taste)
and all of 'my people', those who stick around but
mostly don't care enough (of which you
used to be a part)
they choose you over me like they chose him over me but at least
he was good at something.

You've got the more typical "protagonistic traits"
You have the makings of an idiot hero
Except you lack the talent and the heart.
You would berate me for lecturing you about heart
as you think I have none--
But really, isn't my depth more realistic?
Maybe I'm quite the anti-hero, but you're
too boring, too conventional--
What story is there to tell?
At least I've got a tale.

I'm leaving now, and you won't see me,
a mutual "good riddance",
or that's how I see it--
for what would your type of person call mine
other than an egocentric, perfectionistic, intelligent but arrogant bastard,
and what would mine call yours other than an idiotic, self-righteous,
socially-conforming, dull, annoying prick?

I've a story to tell, so goodbye and fare not-so-well,
as you are not a part of it.
I've got a story to make, I am the protagonist and you a distraction--
"Gotta find me a future, so move out of my way."

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