galaxy on the window pane

August 10, 2016
By ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
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a smattering like stars across glass but
it's only water tiny droplets condensation precipitation
locked in a cycle much bigger than itself and for what?
temporarily stalled to paint a mini universe on a window but
it won't last long but neither will the stars in
the grand scheme of things because nothing is permanent;
nothing lasts long and nothing is perfect
everything is shuffled around over and over
matter in a vast endless space where nothing touches because atoms just sort of float
nothing can reach anything is that why it's so cold?
infinity is definitive of the universe, multiverse, however much there is but how much is it really?
if a star explodes and no one ever sees it even after light years and light years, did it really happen?
but what is witnessing and how does it occur what is the being capable of seeing in this way and
what does seeing mean if we're all so blind
blind in the grand scheme can't see it all
too blind to see that there's an all to begin with so
with all of that existentialism and the vast cold universe it feels
so small and confining what are a few droplets of dihydrogen monoxide in its liquid form on
glass mass-produced and shipped across a globe that is, too, only a speck?
but the water on the glass is witnessed and we're too blind to see all but don't
be blind enough to not notice that which is within close reach because
can't you see the droplets on the window aren't nothing even if
they're less than trace elements in an indefinable unconquerable universe
they're small they're small you're small but look at the stars of water on the backdrop space of glass
they form constellations too they're barely a moment but they're not nothing you aren't nothing
look, look, there's a galaxy on the window pane and you're a galaxy too.

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