to a star and his court of planets

August 10, 2016

you are a star;;
everyone says that's so impressive
calling you their sun,
their centerpiece
and they, the planets, revolve around you
but they're only mindless followers
pulled in by your gravity.
there are a hundred billion stars in this galaxy alone--
if the unwavering orbit of the planets around you
makes you feel as if you're special
you should try thinking for a change.
you are bright and young and magnetic
you are the largest object in this solar system
burning with a passion i cannot even begin to understand
but you are simply a dwarf,
hardly uncommon in luminosity or temperature
and hardly enough to become a giant
you will expand eventually but eventually too,
you will waste away for lack of fuel.
but if you are far from special,
then what does that make me?
the planets ignore me and
i'm insignificant to a central star such as yourself
even if your absolute magnitude is hardly notable
your apparent magnitude makes you
the brightest object in our sky
whereas i am too boring and inconsequential
to even warrant a place in your sky
in this metaphor.
i am nothing with a magnitude
i am nothing.
but i aim to be the dark sky itself
because what does any star matter,
there is no space without me
the sun and the planets are but brief specks of light
you are one solar system and i am all space
with the emptiness in my eyes and my soul
but the vastness of my being
i will swallow you all.

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