rain and gray

August 10, 2016
By ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
ToorutheGreat SILVER, Allen, Texas
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in stories the weather always reflects your sorrow
                your tears bring rain
                the sky matches the gray of your mood
                and the landscape is as dark and empty as you feel

in reality the weather is a taunt towards what you lost
                your tears sparkle, as if they are beautiful, in the sun
                the sky is a light blue incompatible with your ugly shade
                and the landscape is bright and full like you were, once

in stories you never weep alone
                your pain is understood and shared
                there are people still there to care
                and in the end you’ll get up again, stay strong

in reality you only ever weep alone
                your pain is neither noticed nor comprehended
                there is no one left to pick up the pieces
                and in the end you’ll only shatter like you always feared you would

in stories you’ll get your happy ending, no matter the struggle and strife
but in reality the story woven about you isn’t so nice.

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