My Sweet Angel

August 9, 2016
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My sweet Angel                                                                                      My divine protector                                                                               When a dark cloud arises                                                                                       You were there to protect me

My Hearts Keeper                                                                                        You saved my soul                                                                                 When Demons came                                                                                         You were always by my side     

My ancient protector                                                                  You lit my way to heaven                                                          You were my candle                                                                   You were my other half

My sweet Angel                                                                     My divine protector                                                            When a dark cloud arises                                                       You were there to protect me

Through thick and thin                                                           We were inseperable                                                             You were my wings                                                                My one and only light

You were my strength                                                          Now your gone                                                                         I gotta learn to fly on my own                                                 My sweet Angel

Our Memories                                                                     Their broken                                                                   Without a hope                                                                         You were everything to me

My sweet Angel                                                                     My divine protector                                                                You were my savior                                                                You took me in, you fixed me

Now your gone                                                                         I have to find myself                                                                 Cause you were who I was                                                                                     You gave me hope

You showed me the light                                                            I have to fly on my own                                                        You were the wind on my wings                                                My silent partner

My sweet Angel                                                                     My divine protector                                                                                                 You are still my hearts desire                                                 You are my sweet escape from this world    

I'll see you soon my sweet Angel                                                 So don't you cry                                                                    We will soar higher than the clouds                                                                                        No one to seperate us again

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