Fear No Evil

August 8, 2016
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They rip families apart
Take the lives of innocent children
Kill in faith or Kill in insanity
Their acts have twisted the world
Know we walk in fear
Afraid to walk into the next terror scene
The next mall
The next school
The next carnival
The next restaurant
The next opera house
The next movie theatre
The next church
Am I a walking target?
Whether I am or I'm not
Even when I walk through the shadows of death I will fear no evil
Whatever their motive
I will never succumb to the vacuum of fear
We will never back down
We may fall down
But we will always get back up
They may put a hole in my heart
But they could never take my heart away
They may have taken our moms, dads, fathers, sisters, brothers
But we will forever be happy that they're now in a better place
A Safer place.
I was once told that you sow what you reap
Why do they hate us?
They've sowed years of violence into their countries
They've sowed corruption
They've frozen they're own people with fear
They’ve put control into plastic hands
And their harvest has been evident.
We can't lose.
They can’t win.
I'm proud to be in the USA
Land of the free and Home of the brave.

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