We Are Mad

August 8, 2016
By , Arden, NC

We're all mad here.
'Here' is actually irrelevant.
We are all mad.
There is no need for the specific 'all'.
We are mad.

We hate, envy, hurt, kill.
We love, pride, help, save.
We scream, shout, glare, push away.
We smile, laugh, embrace, reach out.
There is war.
There is peace.

We offer no definition to the most important things.
Love and hate.
Pride and envy.
Justice and injustice.

We believe only in ourselves.
I believe this is justice, so I must be right.
I believe this is peace, so I must be right.
This is what I believe, so I must be right.
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
I'm sure that whatever you believe must be right.

After all,
We're all mad here.

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