The Monster

August 8, 2016

What is cancer?

This is the one question that burns our souls.

We've lost friends, family and lovers to this mysterious thing.

It breaks our hearts and laughs at our pain.

When we think it's done, it circles around and attacks again.

No one can escape.

It's everywhere.

In our sleep, in our minds, in our every waking breath.

This is no normal creature.

This isn't a horoscope creature that represents our birth.

This isn't just some everyday topic.

This isn't just something we raise money for.

It's a monster, a war that has no end.

We all fight it everyday in our own ways.

There is no end.

It could never end.

But we keep fighting it.

We keep trying.

That's why cancer may win some battles, 

Maybe even most,

But it'll never win the war.

Because of the brave souls out there who inspire us to keep fighting.

And we will.

To honor their memory.

This is for everyone who has felt cancer's wrath.

This is for everyone who has lost someone.

We remember your pain.

We remember your struggles.

So we shall keep fighting.

So no one else has to share your experience.

And we will do our best.

But we will have to face the truth eventually.

We can't escape the monster that is cancer.

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