Better Off ... Me?

August 10, 2016
By , roseburg, OR

My jaws locked,
And I'm grinding my teeth.
My heart ran off,
Somewhere overseas.
I don't know,
To whom I can turn.
The demon is here again,
But I'm not scared cause we are friends.

My head screams,
And I feel so alone.
I feel the pain cutting through,
Straight to the bone.
Look at my actions.
Why am I still here?
I'd be better off dead,
Than living in fear.

My hands tremble,
I can't tie the rope.
Just giving up,
I lost my hope.
I don't blame them,
It's nobody's fault.
But I don't want to try again,
My life feels like it's all pretend.

I couldn't do it,
So I sit here and cry.
I've lost my mind,
And I wish I would die.
So I lie down.
Wait for death to arrive.
But it isn't that easy,
Cause guess who's still alive.

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