My African American King

August 9, 2016

I love my African American king.
I love him from the tip of his nose
to the bottom of his toes
from his full lips
to his fingertips
I love it all
his brown eyes,
and his black locs,
his broad shoulders,
and arms like boulders.
with a smile so bright,
he stole my heart
and I stood,
a willing victim.
because I love my African American king.
my African American king
your power is great
and your abilities are limitless
even the tiniest bead of sweat on your brow can destroy nations
my love, you are just that powerful.
my African American king
your words epitomize intelligence
a born leader
humble yet confident
with every step you take, the ground trembles under your feet
much as my heart does whenever we meet.
So baby don't give in to rage
And please don’t hold your head down
Instead, manifest your dominance and pride
Because you wear a crown.

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