My mother once said

August 7, 2016
By Anonymous

My mother once said,
“You’re not good enough.”
So I quit what I loved to do
When I watched the other kids
Their parents cheered them on
But my mother said, “You’re pathetic at this, you’re an embarrassment”
So I quit gymnastics
And I gave up the highlight of my Wednesday nights
But my mother said, “You’re the worst on the team, you might as well quit!”
So I quit soccer
And gave up the only thing that gave me a rush of joy
But my mother said, “If you can’t solve that, you must be a complete retard!”
So I quit the math and chess club
And gave up the only thing that made me feel smart
But what my mother said
She did not realize
Tore me down

We do not see the ones we hurt
Or the pain we bring them
But words can be equally as painful
As actions
And we do not see the abuse
Until it slaps us across the face
And leaves us with bruises
Maybe she does not hit you
But her words and her punches
Are one in the same
Her words hit harder than any punch could

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