attention steryoptype media

August 5, 2016
By Anonymous

stereotypes are stupid.


depression is not a act. Were not trying to act on a stage.Were just trying to get out of bed, go to work, feed the getcko, buy eggs.


Eating disorders are not a phase. Imagine having something inside you hating you so much that you deny yourself the one thing you need to live, but your battling yourself.


Anxiety is not over reacting. Its trying to compute the bulls*** they throw at us so fast we don`t have time or energy to be able to tell what to do.


suiced isn`t a cowardly lion excaoe root. Its planning your funeral but not ware you`ll be in three years cuz the pain bubbles more until i`m in that forever box.


homosexuallity is not a disease. It`s not having a rare tropical disease everyone said be yourself so i`m doing me


self harm is not for attention. It is all the pain swelling up like a bouncy house and wanting anything but this pain.


its not a joker in the asylum but a invisible broken leg.


mental health is not a joke. it`s not only you against the world but you against yourself.


instead of assuming media you should listen

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