How to Say Goodbye

August 7, 2016
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Peace be with you

Don’t walk away

But -

       - you’re gone

and so -

          - I left

Creaking my rusted,

brittle spine around -

                             - away

You should have said

Peace Be With You -

                           -  in farwell

but you disappeared in silence

I waited, then I stopped

One spin

of my heel and you were gone -

                                             - with a click,

your shadow melting with those

behind me.

My shadow extricated -

                                - and excused

itself from the masses, toying on the

       fringes of freedom

How could I foresee your stalking back

here into my world, taking

the oxygen in the room

and cramming

my shadow -

                 - into a corner

Now, there is no where to go

No room for my shadow,

opaque hands press against closing walls -

                                                            - gasping

I cannot see, I cannot breathe

and I dare not hope to understand

So tell me whatever the hell you

want to say or get the heck out of here

There is no room for me, let -
                                          - Me Speak.

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