The dark ain't got nothing on me

August 6, 2016
By Zarana BRONZE, Collins, Mississippi
Zarana BRONZE, Collins, Mississippi
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The dark makes me feel empty inside
the dark makes me lose my pride
I'm looking for the light but is something I just can't find so I give up because I feel like I'm wasting my time
I try to stay strong  and I  try to stay bold  but searching for that light is like searching for a pot of gold
so what do I do now ?do I avoid the light? no!
I'm going to push forward, I can't just give up in life
I'm doing this for my future and I'm doing this from my dreams
because one day I want to graduate and say I achieved in everything I believed so I can get  my place and hide from all the negativity
but for now let me work, let me study
forget trying to make friends and being all extra buddy buddy
because they're not going to get me where I want to be in life
they're not going to get me to see what I want to see in life
so at the end the day it's just me myself and I
so it's no point for me to just sit there and rely on others who is only going to be there when I shine 
because what about when I fall and what about when I cry ain't nobody going to be there but God by my side, exactly!
so I'm going to find the light and when I do it's going to shine bright
and everyone's gonna see that I  became everything I  wanted to be independently and the dark ain't got nothing on me

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