Ego (title)

August 6, 2016

Ego, the mind is working itself again. 

Oh no, don't forget to let go. 

That itself, is, Ego. 

Can't help but despise others 

and love thyself, however, 

others are merely a projection of you

the subjective mind, forever, spotless. 

No matter how experienced or inexperienced, 

it can all seem like nothing, pondering, 

like dust. You are. floundering in mud, 

thinking about all the work you have created, 

all the time and effort, gone to waste, 

gone to waste? don't hasten, don't rush things,

he has failed more times than you have tried. 

tried? or is he lucky? the Ego is working itself again. 

Strip yourself of ego, tear down the layers of the onion. 

find the innerself, the introspective self, the untainted soul, 

why be so wordy, why despite the vain? live a fufilled life, 

without fame, you can be the same, for it matters not at all

on the deathbed. all in all is all we are. 


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