Faith to Leap

August 5, 2016
By Gagax SILVER, Sugarland, Texas
Gagax SILVER, Sugarland, Texas
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I feel like a rat, just one of the pack,
Wandering endlessly, trying to find a destination,
Without even knowing where I want to go,
And choosing without choosing, “a life of quiet desperation.”

A lot of the times…
I feel like a puppet,
Living through an endless dance, smiling brightly,
Putting on a show for the whole world, trying to please,
And be who I should be, not who I am.

All the time…
I feel like a bird too afraid to fly,
Too timid to spread my wings and let the wind carry me away,
So I let mama bird tell me how to flap my wings and where to go,
Even though its an instinct I’ve known since the day I was born.
I just have to trust myself and leap.

The author's comments:

hey i wrote this poem because im growing up and sometimes i feel so unsure about the future and what kind of job im going to have and i feel so unsure. i get pressure from family and society to do certain things but sometimes i feel like im putting on a show and just agreeing to what everyone wants for me. I dont know what path i want in life so i end up choosing a life of quiet desperation as Henry David Thoreau wrote. 

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Soham said...
on Aug. 29 2016 at 11:59 am
Soham, Kolkata, Other
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Favorite Quote:
It's Sweeeet.....sometimes Tangy, and ya, often seasoned with pepper.;..;.sometimes tastes Spicy! But :( Bitter at times also,
YES>>>> It's LIFE.... ;)

Niceeee.... :)

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