August 5, 2016
By A_Wanderer GOLD, Cottondale, Alabama
A_Wanderer GOLD, Cottondale, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
interviewer: "And what if no one believes your truth?"
Sonmi: "Someone already does."
-Sonmi 451, Cloud Atlas

He left me

and the heart

that didn't beat

is now bleeding


My stomach has-

grown small

Since he left (14 days, 3 hours, and 19 minutes)

and smaller still

since i saw his new boyfriend


My old habits die away

when i think about

Somebody Else

holding the the hand

that i refused to, out of embarrassment,


and tonight, Somebody Else

will hear

how breathless he gets

when he's talking about a movie,

or a new  cd

or anything he's remotely interested in


and Somebody Else will look at them

while they're at a resturaunt,

or probably a coffee shop,

and think about how perfect they look together


and He'll play with Somebody Else's


until they fall asleep


while my mind runs away

and my body stands still

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Part 2

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