My. Fear.

August 4, 2016
By , Mississauga, Canada

My biggest perturbation

is the ocean

with it's umpteen depth

and petrifying, humanoid-like creatures

and all that's left

is a black hole

except it exists on our very planet

stranded for assistance,


miles from shore,

it doesn't get any better,


from freezing cold waters,

causing me to shiver

in my own misery

shrouded with uncertainess,

the furthest thing from me is solace

as I realize that I shall soon be no more

I let go, release the tension, and eerily let your body

sink into oblivion, sending blunt, sharp shocks up the spine

akin to falling on your back

I steadily start realising

that my very existence

was measly compared to the prodigious

existence of the ocean, as I sink to the bottom

breathing my very last,

I never would have thought, 

I would end this pitiful life 

in the woefulness of the ocean

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