August 4, 2016
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I saw passion as a person
And I looked at passion
Passion looked back at me
And we stared
Stared into each others eyes
As if we were looking into each others souls

I tried to break the deadlock we had on each others eyes by walking away
But passion grabbed me by the arm
And pulled me back
I said no
And Passion asked why?

I looked back at passion and sighed
For passion didn't know I had been broken
I had be torn to shambles that couldn't be put back together
Into total dismay
For I couldn't be loved
Because I wasn't capable

Passion grabbed me by the hand
And drew me in closer
So close I could actually feel the rhythm of an heartbeat
And slowly passion spoke to me

For see passion had been where I am
Passion had been broken
Passion had been ripped and torn apart
And been to a low and dark place

But see the difference between me and passion was passion didn't give up
And while I was still in passion's arms it was as if my soul was being held

Passion told me although you are broken I'll be the glue that puts you back together
I'll be your strength when you are weak
We will hold each other together for I have been where you are and I know that you are hurting

But I will not fail you, as others have failed you
Because I know your pain
So I ask of you to look at me as a joyful future and not a regretful past

For see I was put into your path for a reason
I told passion I couldn't be loved nor nurtured
But passion told me differently
For passion knew the love I'd always wanted 

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