The Echo

August 4, 2016
By Ashley_Hammon BRONZE, Centennial Park, Arizona
Ashley_Hammon BRONZE, Centennial Park, Arizona
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Lightning sparks

Fireflies and stars twinkle

And wildfires burn with passion in her eyes.


Her voice is 

The soft wisper of wind

On a warm, summer day.


Dark hair cascades

Around her smiling face

Like a waterfall.


Her soul is fierce






She climbs

And wanders 

The mountains of life.

Explores through woods 

And unleashes her cry

Over the hilltops

And the wind

Carries it acros the waves.


And if you listen,

And feel,

As she did,

Then maybe

On a warm, summer day,

You'll hear the echo of her voice

On the wind 


"Life is just so good."


And you will feel as though

Your memories of her

Could move mountains

Or weigh on you

In heavy waves of sorrow.

You could even get lost.


But if you stop,

And look,

As she did,

You will find her


For another adventure.


And she will tell you,

"My soul needs this."


And the wind will whisper around you,

"Life is just so good."

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