invisible shackles

August 4, 2016
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She doesn't belong anywhere
So she puts on a smile
Day after day
Hoping that one day it'll be real
She can't let anyone down
And that's what makes her brave
Not because she isn't afraid
But because she is
And yet she still puts on her smile
Day after day
Her fear makes her stronger
Because she faces her demons
And still tries her hardest
Because she can't let anyone down
They all have such high hopes
For her
She's got her whole life planned
But every once in a while
She'll be touched by something
A flower,
A song,
A heart,
And she'll realize
Maybe life isn't supposed to be
A simple linear process 
Maybe life isn't measured by
But rather,
Moments with friends
Laughing 'till your stomach hurts
Being crazy and illogical teens
Because that's what she is
A teenager
And sometimes
She wants to be crazy
She wants to feel free
But she isn't
She is shackled
By others expectations
And she can't disappoint
So she can't afford her freedom
Because the price is
For her family
And she can't disappoint them
She can't disappoint
Her father
Who works hard
And managed to secure a great job
With nothing
But a high school diploma
Hard work as well as
She can't disappoint
Her mother
Who has raised her five children
With love and care
And she wanted to be a lawyer
But had to go to work
Right after high school
She couldn't follow her dream
So now her daughter
Who has millions of opportunities
And has been dealt a great hand
In life
Must become a lawyer
Because she can't disappoint them
They've worked too hard
She thinks about it all the time
And she knows this
So can't belong 
Not with her friends
Who celebrate
The freedom that she can't afford
So day after day
She puts on her smile
And acts like she's free
From the invisible shackles
That no one else can see.

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