Glassy Stare

August 4, 2016
By Emerald01 ELITE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Emerald01 ELITE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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She's caught in the glass stare,
Her mind flew away,
On the princes cape,
Whats the new escape?
October is coming up,
80 on it’s way,
Just wait one more day,
Find a way to stay,
Her mind flew away,
Remember me just one more day,
Don’t get caught up,
In this glassy stare,
You can fight it,
I know you can,
Just grab my hand,
We can run past the wonderland,
Get outta the glass,
Do not get to the cloud,
One more step,
Do not give up on me,
Find a way to breathe,
Get outta the way,
From the wall of escape.
The glass will fall,
Do not stare to long,
Let the tunnels move outwards,
Let the hallucinations fall down,
Out and away,
Do not escape this town just yet,
Keep your head center,
Do not look down,
Grab my hand,
We can escape this dream,
You are a miracle,
Just never look down,
We will make it out,
Just keep your head level,
Never look down,
To the rock ground,
Keep the glass stare away,
Take my hand,
We can escape,
Somehow I know,
You are a miracle inside,
Let your spirit glide,
I love you so,
Beautiful you,
If the glass falls,
I’ll tape it back together like glue,
I am not loosing you,
Keep your head level to the ground,
Keep it center,
Do not let your soul drown,
I love you so,
Turn the stare upside down,
Here we go,
It’ll all turn up,
Just keep your head up,
We will find a way out of this,
Back to the parties and ball gowns,
I will not let you down,
Hold my hand,
Trust me now,
I’ll love you forever.
Like the diamonds in the sky.

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