July 31, 2016
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I had no idea how my life was going to change when we met,
You came over and asked my name as I felt my palms sweat,
I couldn’t keep still, I remember the summer breeze on my dress, The feeling I had in my stomach is still hard to express,

We fell deeply into each other, head over heels,
Even looking back, nothing compared to the way it feels,
But nothing lasts forever, how could it?
Real love is work – knowing when and when not to quit,
The joy of our bond started to fade,
And at times the pain cut like a blade,
But we were two that become one – that I believe,
It’s why I can’t bear to turn and leave. 
You caught my eye from across the way,
Flustered, I tried to gather the words to say,
As I walked over, telling myself to not do anything lame,
I noticed your smile and thought you might feel the same,
It didn’t take me long to figure out you were different from the rest,
Every time I saw you, I could feel my heart racing in my chest, When that feeling started to fade, I thought you were done,
I was terrified that our love would end as fast as it had begun,
I started to blame you for all that had gone wrong,
It pained me to think that it might be time to say so long,
But I never stopped thinking you were a diamond in the rough, Every day I wake up hoping our love is enough. 
Love is not a movie or a fairy tale,
Without effort, compromise, and trust – it will fail,
Even though our words distanced us apart,
It made us realize we share the same heart. 

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