Snow Angel

July 29, 2016
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The trees stood still,

As the blanket of snow kept them warm,
under the icy gaze of the sun.

The birds became muted,
As their throats closed up,
and the winter draped the earth.

Lights in the house went off early,
Not a sound to be made on the street.
Kids, not on the roads, but watching TV
with a poisoned mug of hot cocoa.

She stood still in the night,
gazing at the stars who dared to blink
in the silence and the stillness of the darkness.

Did not dare to move,
not even to cure the slight itch that occurred
on the pit of her stomach.

She melted into the white earth,
arms spread wide,
legs open.

Staring into the dreamless sky,
looking , looking
looking for the sun.

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