Wrong Way Down the Rabbit Hole

July 29, 2016
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Falling down a rabbit hole, struggling to breathe
Oh Alice won’t you stop to dance with me
Catching branches, falling leaves, broken trees
But Alice don’t forget to stop and feel the breeze

Collecting scars; scratches and bruises and breaks
In the descending mudslide of fast paced decisions
They say to stop and think, enjoy the twists and turns
This is the best time of your life Alice, isn’t that your name?

Somersaulting, dodging hows, whats, wheres, and whys
How to make choices with no concept of consequence?
Voices become muffled by the dirt the farther she falls
Technicolor beats and flowery visions turn to dusty grayscale

The faster she falls the more pathways and tunnels pass her by
Desperately grasping at edges, loose grips and shaky earth
Some seem brighter than others, but none like where she came from
A moment from being sucked into blackness, a limb is just the right size.

Fingernails caked with dirt pull her body under a cloudy sky
Playful jumpers traded in for closed toed shoes and pant suits
Friendship bracelets smashed, watches with dates too far ahead
My dearest Alice, it appears you left your childhood in Wonderland

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