revolving scavenger hunt

July 29, 2016
By emmysadofsk BRONZE, Bellmore, New York
emmysadofsk BRONZE, Bellmore, New York
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As you hug me
I realized I'm not ok
I blew up with emotion
My heart flew to the right side of room
My brain flew the the left
And my self control went out the door
You pick them up and put them in my hands
But the same thing happens this time
Except my brain flew to the right
My self control flew to the left
And my heart went out the door
I sat on the floor with my knees perked up rocking front and back
You run to the left
You run to the right
You run out the door
And place them back in my hands
I've stopped rocking and I've stood back on my feet
And peaked at this little piece of technology that seems to be controlling my life
My self control goes to the right
My heart goes to the left
And my brain flies out the door
Just like you always do you go to find them
You found my heart
You found my self control
But you couldn't find my brain
And that's when I knew
I've officially lost my mind.

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