July 29, 2016
By Blue-jade BRONZE, Mangalore, Other
Blue-jade BRONZE, Mangalore, Other
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Let it rise
The sun,cruel as it may be
The flame,let it burn
Let it rage,like the mighty dragons
Let it extinguish the day and everything with it
Fire the world,burn the world
Raise the heat,boil the world

The flame so divine and dazzling
Like angels that descend
Apollo and Venus may unable to compare it
Like jade that puts the universe to shame
The splendor,the shine
The luster,the gloss
That lights the day

Aurora that graces the dawn
Allureness that adorns the world
Like the indisputable light cyan silk
Unparalleled elegance that lasts for eternity
Illuminate the world,wrap the world
Ablaze the world,bind the world
Put on the veil, bless the world

Flame that tramples the darkness,that lits up the dark
Luminate the world,escort the dawn
Blaze that cannot be blocked by darkness or void
Such arrogant pride,nothing can quell it
Blackout cannot cease it
Terminating the entirety to ashes in its wake
For nothing shall dwell

Legacy of the demonic fire,that shall annihilate the world
Its dawn shall decimate heavenly creations
Its essence that will blister heaven and hell
The universe is a cauldron for this flamboyant source
For it shall blain the world and increase the heat
Kindle the fire,Ignite the flame
For even a wisp of vapour shall not persist
Let it dry,Let the steam rise
Making the temperature of this world rise
Terrifying temperature that will burn to extinguish the world

Darkness and the stars shall be swallowed to nullity
Living existence or not are insignificant before it
Its wrath,that transcends life
That compels the ruin of nations
For it is supreme,burning to ashes and swallowing creations
Leaving nothing even the dregs

Universe is made of flame,boundless flame
For it has created it and it shall destroy it
Earthshaking deconstructive strenth ,that tears the space
Blazing column of flame,that rips the land
Incomparable catastrophe,that ruptures void to nihility
Demolishing this vast world, reverting it to ancient times
The spirit of fire shall rise,making this world a burning hell
Flame shall descend from the sky,forging a magmatic world
Quavering this mundane world
The whole nine world's shall fall in piety to this flame of life

Melting it,destroying it

Moulding it,creating it

The author's comments:

Well,this is about the essence of flame that shows its life.it may even compare our lives.I wanted to blow of my steam,then i got an inspiration to write this heart-flaming poem. This will make a fire born inside. Well it made a fire born in me ,i hope same happens to you when you read it

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