Should Schools Be Forced To Offer The Arts ?

July 28, 2016
By Anonymous

Look at the room you are in. Imagine if all of the color and uniqueness just disappeared *POOF* . It doesn't have the same unique spark to it does it? . If you look at todays public and charter schools.     A good amount of them don't offer visual arts,dance , music , or theatre as electives . Where is the creativeness !?. I mean  don't get me wrong I love things like math , science, and reading . But I don't enjoy looking at packets and books for a numerous amount of hours. When I was younger , I wasn't the best at math and science but when I got to art class it was like i was in a different world. Also, schools encourage kids to learn about different cultures . These things like art,dance,music, and theatre are the things that bring people together from all over the world, it's like we speak the same language. So why not start with the arts . I know , I know schools might not have enough money but we can make it happen by having bake sales, throwing dances e.t.c, we can really make this happen if we try. Therefore I rest my case

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