The Sun Must Always Set

July 28, 2016
By jamtasia BRONZE, Wilson, North Carolina
jamtasia BRONZE, Wilson, North Carolina
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If I keep my eyes clenched shut,

The shadows don't exist.

The don't creep ever closer to my still form.

I refuse to run from them.

Haven't you heard? Fear is what they feed on.


The shadows have a name

That I refuse to speak aloud.

Speaking its name gives it power

And it has enough power over me already.

It has tried to take my life more times than I can count.

It has tried to force me to turn on myself.

I never give in completely.

At least, I haven't yet.


It seems ridiculous to fear something

That is completely inside your own head,

But that's what makes it so frightening.

When the shadows are swirling around me

And I can't even see my own feet

Or my hand in front of my face,

It all feels so real.

Their claws rip my soul to shreds

And leave me gasping for breath,

But when they disappear to torment me another day,

The wounds are gone.

They haven't healed.

They were just never there in the first place.


This time will be different.

I won't let them in.

The shadows will have no way of penetrating

The walls I'm building around myself

If I keep the sunlight forever within my soul.


I say this every time.

And every time, the shadows find some breach in my defenses

And come swarming back in.

Maybe this is the day I keep them out for good.

After all, I've found the sunlight

And its warmth will never leave me.

I have a reason to keep going.

The shadows cannot take that from me.


So, I open my eyes

And ignore the voice within myself

That whispers that the sun must always set.

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